Fireflex Shocks

In 2002 the Fireflex Research and Development Team began the Fireflex Shock Absorber project due to the industry demands for a range of quality truck shock absorbers to suit the specific needs of the Australian Transport Industry.

The Fireflex Shock Absorber is designed and developed here in Australia, at the shock absorber Dynamometer Facility in Brisbane. This is where the individual truck and trailer suspension types, vehicle mass, required travel strokes, mount types, ride control and vehicle safety is assess and tested.

Australia’s poor road conditions and extreme heat create build-up in shock absorbers, causing inefficient damping and loss of control. That is why Fireflex is designed with a special high temperature fluid and multi-lip Viton rod seals. Also in addition to this, the piston, bore size, rod and tubing wall thickness are all increased in size for a better damping effect which extends the working life of the shock absorber.

“Build Better to Last Longer”