Repair Leaves

Fireflex have a large range of hardened and tempered leaf spring plates that are available for spring makers and repairers. All plates are made from SUP 7 and SUP 9 steels and are finished at 42 – 49 HRC.

Quality Steels
Grade SUP 9 and SUP9A, SAE 516 and SAE 9258.

Quality Assured Manufacturing Process
These proven processes compliment the material used in all Fireflex Leaf Springs. The heat treating and post heat treating (shot peening and presetting) stress relieving methods allow the finished product to achieve increased stress ranged that amplify the service life of your vehicles’ leaf spring suspension.

Design Elements
Special attention has been given to the Leaf Springs design elements, these elements include leaf end types, eye types & bushings

End Types
A variety of end types are chosen on Fireflex Repair Leaves to allow resistance or movement to the spring. Leaf end types can play an important part in the springs low speed movement, this is achieved by pressure distribution in the bearing area, friction is either increased or decreased depending on the leaf end types.